Triple D Friday Schedule for March 29, 2024

Join Guy Fieri this Friday for the ultimate journey through Flavortown! We’re talking 12 straight hours of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives episodes.

The below list unveils this week’s full Triple D Friday episode lineup, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of the deliciousness.

12:00 PM (EST)

February 21, 2020

Guy Fieri is loading up on all kinds of Latin on this trip. In Logan, Utah, a Salvadoran spot puttin’ out pupusas and a cabeza creation. A funky food truck in Denver dishing out prime-time Puerto Rican specialties. And in Burlington, Vt., a taqueria servin’ up amazing al pastor and a righteous recipe from grandma.

12:30 PM (EST)

September 13, 2019

Guy Fieri’s heading out to grab flavor from far and wide. In Santa Fe, N.M., a Southwest-Middle Eastern quick stop slingin’ the shawarma and salmon souvlaki. In Kansas City, Mo., a funky joint serving up outrageous Scandinavian specialties, and in El Paso, Texas, a family-run tortilla factory turning out top-notch tamales and tostadas.

1:00 PM (EST)

April 15, 2016

This trip, Guy Fieri’s diggin’ into succulent sandwiches! In Oakland, a real-deal butchery stacking up killer cheesesteak and off-the-chain chicken. In Modesto, Calif., a funky food truck putting pastrami on pretzel bread and cooking pulled pork in root beer. And in Key Largo, Fla., a seafood staple servin’ up a sandwich that’s become a local legend.

1:30 PM (EST)

March 06, 2020

On this trip, Guy Fieri’s hanging out at real-deal mom-and-pop spots. In Logan, Utah, a family-run Indian joint hooked up to a gas station with Dad dishin’ out specialties from his homeland. In Burlington, Vt., a dumpling house born out of a legendary food cart where mother and daughter are serving up authentic flavor, and in Denver, a neighborhood landmark where Mom leads the whole family in cookin’ up Caribbean-soul favorites.

2:00 PM (EST)

August 03, 2015

This trip, Guy Fieri’s checking out killer cuisine spanning three different continents. In Denver, the unique quick service spot dishing out a creative take on Indian curry. Then in northwest Denver, the Brazilian bistro cooking up the bomb croquettes and an abundant seafood specialty. And in Atlanta, the folksy joint stacking mega meat into serious sandwiches.

2:30 PM (EST)

July 17, 2015

This trip, Guy Fieri’s going all in for some comfort and soul. In Charlotte, N.C., the down-home hangout dishing out low country favorites, like killer collard greens and standout shrimp and grits. In Las Vegas, the standout strip mall spot serving their crepe specialties with everything from savory beef to sweet caramel apples. And in Culver City, Calif., Marc Summers joins Guy at the mom and pop shop firing up tasty turkey chili and dynamite dogs on cornbread buns.

3:00 PM (EST)

May 22, 2015

This trip, Guy Fieri’s indulging himself in righteous, rich recipes. In Charlotte, N.C., the crazy seafood spot reeling in off-the-hook gumbo and a spicy mahi mahi specialty. Across town, the mother-daughter team serving up savory lamb ragout and a decadent ice cream sandwich. And in Los Angeles, the Korean-German combo firing up drunken chicken and a killer burger, where he’s joined by NFL player Julian Edelman.

3:30 PM (EST)

January 29, 2021

Guy Fieri is digging into both meat and sweet, starting in Sioux Falls, S.D., a market-butcher eatery servin’ up a full culinary extravaganza. In Fairbanks, an off-the-hook Indian spot heatin’ up Alaska with their hearty, real-deal specialties. And in Fargo, N.D., a bakery cafe scratch-making sticky pecan rolls and a savory French pastry dish.

4:00 PM (EST)

June 04, 2012

On this trip, Guy Fieri is tasting everything from pasta to potatoes, and he’s got some grub for his pescatarian friends. First up, Vanilla Ice takes Guy to his favorite Ecuadorian joint in West Palm Beach, Fla., for standout ceviche. Then, in Moorhead, Minn., a former DJ mixes it up with his take on scratch-made pasta and poutine, and, in the Florida Keys, a local landmark is poundin’ out hits like their chicken and smash.

4:30 PM (EST)

August 12, 2022

This trip, Guy Fieri’s gettin’ cheesy and meaty, starting in South Bound Brook, N.J., where a meat market with an unforgettable chef is stacking up their spin on the sloppy joe and baking a fully stuffed bread. In Nashville, a taco joint is pilin’ up a carne asada bowl and nachos with hot local flavor. Plus, there’s a down-home spot serving craft beer, a dynamite dip and the bomb barbecue pork mac.

5:00 PM (EST)

November 05, 2012

This trip, Guy’s grubbin’ at some popular hangouts. In St. Louis, the classic British pub cooking up gourmet grilled cheese and a porchetta masterpiece. In Kill Devil Hills, N.C., the brewing station serving righteous shrimp and grits alongside craft made beers. And in Cranston, R.I., the corner spot dishin’ out the pasta loaded with little neck clams.

5:30 PM (EST)

September 30, 2022

This trip, Guy Fieri’s heading east to get a taste of the South. In North Conway, N.H., a real deal smokehouse is putting their spin on meatloaf and stuffing empanadas with brisket. In Atlantic Beach, N.C., a funky joint is servin’ Southern fried pork chops and spicing up their shrimp. Then in Ormond Beach, Fla., a historic spot is adding bourbon to the mix and making a standout seafood stew.

6:00 PM (EST)

August 05, 2012

This trip, Guy’s food radar is all over the map. On the east coast of Oahu, Hawaii, the general store crankin’ out traditional Hawaiian dishes like lau lau stew. In Chicago, the real deal Italian family serving up totally scratch made Sicilian sandwiches like the schiacciata. And in Hernando, Miss., the underground cafe going bananas with their twist on French toast.

6:30 PM (EST)

December 10, 2012

This trip, Guy’s finding real deal authentic eats in unusual spots. In St. Louis, the n’awlins roadhouse serving up rice and beans, cajun potstickers, and a pulled pork pasta. And in Syracuse, N.Y., the tiny Mediterranean cafe crankin’ out first-class falafel and baklava.

7:00 PM (EST)

October 15, 2021

Guy Fieri hits the road to dig into the meat and catch some heat. There’s a tucked-away panini paradise in Chehalis, Wash., and a funky Korean spot in Brentwood, Tenn., gettin’ spicy with their chicken and bulgogi. Plus, in Houston, a barbecue joint throwin’ some Tex-Mex into the mix with their brisket tacos and jalapeno sausage.

7:30 PM (EST)

April 16, 2012

This trip, Guy’s checkin’ out some joints that are kickin’ the staples up a notch. In Minneapolis, there’s a family-run Italian deli crankin’ out what the locals love — pizza and totally fresh pasta. And in Dallas, Guy’s all-time favorite football player, Earl Campbell, joins Guy for real deal gumbo and burgers with brisket.

8:00 PM (EST)

September 08, 2023

This trip, Guy Fieri’s hittin’ up joints crushin’ all kinds of flavor. There’s a Malaysian oasis in Cincinnati and a Salvadorian spot in Port Chester, New York, each serving their real deal cultural specialties. Plus, an Omaha family is going Detroit-style with their pizza served straight out of a bus.

8:30 PM (EST)

July 07, 2023

This trip, Guy Fieri’s diggin’ into hearty helpings — both saucy and stuffed. In Los Angeles, there’s El Salvadorian with a twist, like prime-time pupusas and an extra-meaty burger. In Oregon, a food cart in a motel parking lot is serving up authentic Indian. Plus in Pooler, Ga., a Puerto Rican joint is going crazy with a mofongo mashup and their take on a sloppy joe.

9:00 PM (EST) 🆕

March 29, 2024

This trip, Guy Fieri’s savoring both spicy and sweet eats. In St. Simons Island, Ga., a bomb bakery is plating righteous rum cake and sticky buns. Then, a pizza restaurant in Boulder, Colo., is firing up perfect artisan pies, and a spot in San Antonio, Texas, is channeling traditional Chinese with a dynamite duck dish and pork belly bowl.

9:30 PM (EST)

March 31, 2023

This trip, Guy Fieri’s digging into meaty mashups from all over the world. In Boise, Idaho, a Russian joint is servin’ up lights-out lamb and out-of-this-world dumplings. Plus, a Pakistani spot is cooking authentic dishes like flavorful goat and righteous rice. In Ocala, Fla., a barbecue pro is puttin’ his delicious spin on smoky ribs, brisket mac and cheese-stuffed sausage.

10:00 PM (EST)

November 11, 2022

Guy Fieri’s diggin’ into not-your-everyday dishes, all day long. In Taos, N.M., there’s a sweet, stacked-up breakfast and a unique pot pie twist, plus cheffed-up Mexican recipes you won’t find on a typical menu. Then, skate legend Tony Hawk is along for the ride in San Diego, grabbin’ crazy creative vegan cooking.

10:30 PM (EST)

July 15, 2022

This trip, Guy Fieri’s finding all kinds of unexpected flavor. In Cleveland, Chef Michael Symon tags along to a joint taking sandwiches to the next level, including one that’s a mouthful in more ways than one! In Highlands, N.J., a funky spot with an unforgettable name is amping up bar bites like Korean wings and mojo pork tacos. And in La Quinta, Calif., a creative chef is putting a new spin on familiar recipes, like her mom’s chilaquiles and a green chile Monte Cristo.

11:00 PM (EST)

February 06, 2015

This trip, Guy’s heading southwest for a flavor-filled tour of sunny Arizona. First, the real deal Italian market making an authentic beef specialty straight from the mother country. Also in Scottsdale, a pitstop at the funky gas station/barbecue cafe dishin’ out the bomb brisket alongside a host of handcrafted fuel — yes, fuel. And in Phoenix, the out-of-the-box burger joint serving up all kinds of crazy culinary creations.

11:30 PM (EST)

August 26, 2013

This trip, Guy’s traveling up and down the west coast in search of funky neighborhood joints. In San Diego, the “everybody knows your name” all-day breakfast joint servin’ up a decadent creme brulee French toast. In Portland, Ore., a husband and wife team are cranking out good ol’ Americana with dishes like corned beef hash and chipped beef. And in San Francisco, the hot dog spot holding the block down with unique selections like the lamb merguez dog and fried chicken sandwich.

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